Shark alert, predators are found in territorial waters: new observations

Sharks have also been sighted along the coasts of the Italian peninsula. The map where their fearsome fin emerged.

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The common idea has always been that sharks were not present in Italian seas and, in general, in Europe. Their natural habitat was in the seas surrounding America, Africa and Australia. In reality this is not the case! In fact, their observation has also become local.

In recent years, sharks have been detected in our country. There are over 500 different species in the world. Only in the Mediterranean there are around 50. So not at the level of other countries, but a respectable number to watch.

Among these specimens the presence of the white shark was highlighted. As we know, it is one of the best known and most dangerous breeds that exist. Until recently this was unthinkable, but they have also reached us in Italian territorial waters.

Sharks off the Italian peninsula, the places where they have been sighted

The white shark, also mentioned in many horror films, can reach a length of 6-7 meters and a weight varying between 500 kg and 1000 kg. It can be easily recognized from other existing species by the pointed snout and the triangular dorsal fin.

In the history of mankind, it is the type of predator considered the most dangerous because it is the one that has attacked humans the most. In truth, their attacks are not so frequent, even in countries where they are present in high percentage.

In recent years, deaths caused by these fish have increased slightly but there is still an average of 6/7 deaths per year. Not everyone knows that the shark attacks humans for a simple error of judgement; in fact, confuse the silhouette of a diver or bather with that of a palatable fish.

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It is therefore not particularly attracted to humans. Where are there sharks in our country? They are particularly present in Sicilian waters on the border with Tunisia. At this place, a kind of lair was discovered.

It is in this den that the white shark reproduces, and this is the reason for the increase in sightings in our seas, especially of baby sharks.

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