Chris Christie Has Common Core Implementation Regrets

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (photo via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0)
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (photo via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0)

Laura Ingraham at CPAC pressed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on his previous support of Common Core and responsibility bringing it into his state.  She asked if he had regrets, and in particular if he just had political regrets:

Implementation regrets.  Unlike other people who just get to talk about this stuff we actually have to do it.  Once we start to do it, what I’ve seen, with the concern that I’ve had since the beginning we set a commission up that is now coming back with some recommendations, but my charge to them is that we have to keep government at the local level.  With education it is most important, it has to have parents involved, there have to be teachers involved as a part of this process and it needs to be part of this process and will be I think as we move forward in New Jersey.

I’d like to hear him specify what his concerns were, and I’m curious to see what process unfolds in New Jersey, especially with New Jersey’s legislature poised to delay the impact of the state’s Common Core Assessment, PARCC.

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