Sensational scientific discovery, strange footprints have emerged from the bottom of the ocean

A sensational yet mysterious scientific discovery, strange footprints have emerged on the ocean floor. Doubts and perplexities among researchers. The details.

Seabed (Image from Pixabay)

Considerable scientific breakthroughs have taken place in recent months. Planet Earth is an inexhaustible source of wealth, but also of enormous mysteries. There are many questions that researchers and scholars around the world are constantly asking.

There is so much to learn and know that one lifetime will not be enough to quench the thirst for knowledge. The news that we are going to talk about sees the presence of particular holes (not yet deciphered) in the seabed. There remains a strong perplexity in this regard.

Mysterious discovery at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean: here are the details of the scientific research

According to what emerged, a few small holes were found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists wonder what it could be. Warning and concern about this.

The news comes from the NOOA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) an American agency that studies the oceans, climate and weather. The research began following a mission to the Atlantic Ocean to assess seabed conditions.

The team of scientists immediately became aware of the anomaly on the seabed. Nothing like it had ever been seen. The holes were initially believed to have been man-made, that is, by a former researcher who had dived for studies.

But they must have changed their minds, because the human presence would have left much more obvious footprints. At the moment, therefore, there is no concrete evidence and it is not yet known who this passage on the seabed could be. If not the man, then?

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Several hypotheses have circulated among scientists: the possibility of a marine animal in search of food, but not yet identified by the community, remains increasingly accredited. We will have to wait for the next developments to understand what it is.

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