sensational discovery of its deadly human-killing poison

To see him is also tenderness, puffed up as he is and with big eyes. In fact, the puffer fish is one of the deadliest to humans, due to its venom. Today we discover a new feature on this subject.

Caught puffer fish (Instagram)

Its meat is said to be among the best in circulation, and in Japan it is quite common to see it on the table, although every year the Japanese nation is forced to deal with deaths due to the poison released by the animal. .

Amusing in appearance, with its body resembling a spiky balloon and large cartoon eyes, the puffer fish is actually one of the deadliest to humans, due to its meat containing tetradotoxin in some places.

The poison is able at least to paralyze the human being, and in the most serious cases to lead him to death. It has always been thought that this substance was produced by the species to defend itself from predators, but apparently this is not the case, or at least not only.

Pufferfish: its venom is not only against enemies

According to research conducted by marine biologist Masafami Amano of Kitasato University in Tokyo, tetradatoxin is also produced by fish as a kind of stress reliever. An incredible discovery by the Japanese scientist.

The researcher examined the fugu species, one of the 200 species of puffer fish in the world and also the most consumed, because this specimen does not produce the poison directly but as a result of bacteria that it ingests with food . It is also for this reason that it is one of the most appreciated, because bred in captivity this species is more or less safe to eat.

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Amano then fed the fish a dose of tetradotoxin in increasing doses, and found that the animals grew 6% more and were less aggressive than the others.

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