Sensational discovery, a map belonging to a sacred text has emerged in Egypt

Sensational discovery in Egypt, a very valuable illustrated map belonging to an Egyptian sacred text has emerged. Found in a 4,000 year old sarcophagus. But what is he hiding?

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Egyptian civilization has always fascinated scholars and researchers around the world. Still many questions that have not found an answer over the years. Its origins date back approximately 5000 years and it is one of the populations with the greatest number of mysteries and codes yet to be deciphered. Many legends revolve around him.

What do we know about this complex people? The pivot of this civilization revolves around the Nile, and their economy develops precisely on agriculture. The company is based on the presence of the pharaoh who has undisputed power. Great importance was given to the temple and the burial of the dead.

Sensational archaeological discovery, a map found in an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus more than 4000 years ago

As we just mentioned, according to the Egyptians, there was life after death. It is precisely for this reason that the body of the deceased had to necessarily remain intact. Everything was only possible with mummification.

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Mummification changed according to social class and only after the body was properly prepared was it placed in the sarcophagus. The find I am about to tell you about dates back to a sarcophagus from around 4000 years ago. This precious find hides an even greater treasure.

According to the researchers’ analysis, a fragment of a very ancient text has emerged that is very dear to the Egyptian people: a kind of mother who leads to the afterlife. It is the Book of Two Paths that leads to Rostau. Archaeologists argue that it could be a sort of guide to reaching life after death.

This particular fragment was found inside the sarcophagus itself and it would confirm all studies on the importance of this passage for Egyptian civilization. The Book of Two Paths is considered by most archaeologists to be the first illustrated text in history.

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The analyzes on the found fragment continue unabated and it is assumed that certain spells pronounced during the rite of transition may even be inscribed.

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