scorching heat in the next few hours. Beware of isolated showers

Weekend weather alert: scorching heat in the next few hours due to Apocalypse4800. Watch out for isolated showers in certain areas of the peninsula.

Scorching heat (Image from Pixabay)

The summer of 2022 is definitely very long if we consider that the beautiful days have already appeared since mid-May. We had and continue to have very high temperatures, above average. Reaches over 40° in the main islands.

To date the situation does not seem to be improving at all and even if many are delighted with this burning sun, we must not exclude all the problems linked to agriculture, to the drought of the rivers. A disastrous phenomenon.

Weather for the weekend, temperatures around 40° are expected. Torrid heat throughout the national territory. Watch out for the showers

The weekend that has just begun does not seem to want to give us a moment’s respite, because Apocalypse4800 has decided to continue to invade us with its warm sun. The highest peaks where the ice is melting are increasingly threatened.

Sun and Clouds (Image from Pixabay)

As we just mentioned, the high temperatures are not yet ready to welcome us momentarily. Expected for the whole weekend, scorching heat all over the boot. Peaks of 40° will again be reached in some central areas and in the Po Valley.

Despite this, it is necessary to pay attention to certain localized stormy phenomena which will be accompanied, in any case, by a very high temperature. Indeed, some cloud cover is expected, especially in the areas of the Alpine arc and which will affect Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige.

It will always be about situations that will last very little, so much so that in a few hours the serenity will return to shine. Expected a very calm and cloudless evening. Therefore, it will be very hot for all Italians.

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The weather warning for this heat wave will last until the end of the week and will affect the whole of our country in the same way. We will have to wait the next few days to understand what the situation will be.

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