Scorching heat, bad weather news: hellish temperatures on the way

The brief respite that the weather has given us these days is about to end. The heat is about to return and borderline temperatures are expected for August.

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There is not good news for those hoping that the big heat wave is now behind us. The heat is about to return, and there will be some sort of aftershock from Apocalypse4800, the African anticyclone that in recent days has had us gasping with temperatures close to 40 degrees.

Unfortunately, the experts speak of a return of the humidity and the great heat which will again invest our country and which will arrive in a short time, in a month of August which promises to be one of the hottest months of this really scorching summer.

The coming heat wave is the fifth that Italy will face and will affect all regions of the Peninsula, although, as before, it will be the northern area that will be the most affected.

Heat wave: the fifth will soon arrive on the whole Peninsula

Meteorologists predict warm but not excessive temperatures for today, with sunshine across the country, with some exceptions over Sicily and Calabria and the central and eastern Alps. The situation will start to change from tomorrow, with temperatures easily exceeding 30°, with peaks in Sardinia, Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and the Po Valley region.

From Thursday, however, things are going to get hot, in the truest sense of the word. The anticyclone will hit Italy with all its heat, and will raise the column to more than 38 degrees, with areas of the country that will exceed 40 degrees. The most affected areas will still be those of the central region of the Po Valley, as well as central-southern Italy.

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For the weekend, the temperatures will already start to drop in the northern and central regions of Italy, and you will be able to breathe again, although the scorching heat will not disappear completely. In short, the cool is still far away.

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