Rules of the road, very heavy penalties for those who break the law. The details

Highway Code, very heavy penalties for those who break the law come from the Court of Cassation. Details not to be missed.

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What do we mean by Highway Code? A series of rules are indicated which govern not only the behavior of cars on the streets, but also that of pedestrians. Road safety, in fact, is one of the subjects most often analyzed and discussed by the Italian government.

Indeed, in Parliament, new rules are continually debated, capable of making traffic ever safer and protecting citizens as much as possible. A new rule is on the way that could also lead to the confiscation of your vehicle if not respected. Let’s see what it is.

Rules of the road, confiscation of the vehicle for those who refuse to submit to the control of narcotics

As we have just mentioned, a new sentence comes from the Court of Cassation which has confirmed that when you break a rule of the highway code, your car is confiscated.

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During street checks, the agendas in charge – if they deem it appropriate – have full power to carry out drug tests. In the event that the citizen decides to refuse such a check, he incurs a very heavy penalty: the sanction of his own vehicle.

The standard was established with sentence no. 20033/2022 of the Court of Cassation. What happens when the vehicle owner is in an altered psychophysical state during a stop? Different sensations are triggered.

First of all, we have a cash fine ranging from 1500 to 6000 euros. And again, license suspension for 1 to 2 years with immediate withdrawal. But that’s not all because you could face arrest for a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of a year.

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There are also other cases in which our car can be confiscated and these are: taxi service without a special permit, driving a vehicle of a different category than the driver’s license, exceeding the speed limit by more of 40 km / h.

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