Rome, the remains of a Renaissance bridge have been found

In Rome, the remains of a Renaissance bridge have been found. Really a surprise for insiders. The details in PHOTO not to be missed.

Rome (Photo from Pixabay)

Our country reconfirms itself day after day as an inexhaustible mine of wonder. Treasures hidden far away just waiting to be revealed. Pieces of a puzzle that has lasted since the dawn of time.

Each testimony is useful to reconstruct the stages of our past; understand and study the life of our predecessors: habits and customs, social relations. Thanks to the work of archaeologists and researchers, we can now answer many questions.

Rome, discovered the remains of a bridge near the Via Tiburtina: it was used to cross the Fosso di Pratolungo

Undoubtedly, Rome always amazes us with its history and culture. The city is an open-air museum, where it is inevitable to fall in love with every nook and cranny.

We found the remains of a bridge that probably connected the ancient Tiburtina to the Fosso di Pratolungo. The excavation campaign was carried out by the Special Superintendency of Rome, which dated the remains to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

After a first analysis, it was possible to affirm that the work sees a very valuable engineering work, typical of the Romans. The discovery also allows a new territorial evaluation of the area and to understand what have been the evolutions over the years.

New excavation works are currently underway which foresee the presence of another part of the bridge. As mentioned earlier, it is claimed that the structure could connect two strategic areas of the city. The excavation site will be protected and covered in order to guarantee its protection.

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Rome always surprises us with the testimonies of its millennial history – these are the words of the director of the Superintendency of Rome about the extraordinary find.

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