Renato Pozzetto hospitalized: the state of the actor

Worried about the state of health of Renato Pozzetto, the actor has been hospitalized for a few days: this is how he is.

Renato Pozzetto (photo from Instagram)

Renato Pozzetto is one of the most beloved Italian actors of all time. Bearer of a true and irresistible comedy, he became the protagonist during his long career of interpretations that marked an era, through films that remained in the history of cinema and Italian culture.

Even today, some of his best works are true cults that fans remember with great pleasure and never go out of style. Several of his jokes are still particularly popular today, in short, we are talking about a true icon of our show business, with an undeniable and truly unrivaled style.

However, these are hours of apprehension for his family and for all the fans. The actor would indeed be hospitalized for a few days for health problems.

Renato Pozzetto hospitalized, as he is now: update on his state of health

In particular, we learn from the newspaper ‘Il Giorno’, on Friday August 12, Pozzetto fell ill while he was in Laveno. From there he was taken to the Circolo di Varese hospital.

Renato Pozzetto (photo from Instagram)

Currently, Pozzetto is still hospitalized in the medical ward, where he also spent August 15. However, it seems that his condition is improving, although at first there was a little fear.

The clinical picture, always reports ‘Il Giorno’, would not be serious and there would be confidence in a speedy recovery. Pozzetto had already accused a similar problem a few years ago, when, still due to an illness, he was hospitalized for a few days at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan. Everything was then resolved in the best way.

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On social networks, in these hours, there are many testimonies of esteem and affection for the 82-year-old man, to whom messages of speedy recovery have been sent. As mentioned, he is a very beloved character, for his always jovial and cordial character.

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