Refrigerator, what temperature to set it to save on the bill

Refrigerator, let’s see at what temperature this device should be set to save on the bill. All the details.

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The refrigerator is an appliance that cannot be missing in all our homes. However, not everyone knows how good it is to adjust it to the best for good food preservation.

In general, it is recommended to set the refrigerator temperature between a minimum of four degrees and a maximum of seven degrees.

However, in the summer months the temperature should be adjusted to four degrees, so that you can be absolutely sure that the food is stored correctly. Thermostat control can also help us save on the bill.

Some people are wrong to lower the temperature excessively. In fact, by doing so, a greater energy consumption is caused, without affecting the preservation of food.

Refrigerator, how to properly place food in the compartments of the device

Refrigerators produced in recent years have a display on the outside that shows the temperature inside.

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If, on the other hand, the display is not available, portable needle thermometers can be purchased for a few euros.

In order for the refrigerator to consume less, remember that this device should not be open all the time, it should not be overfilled, and the food should be well placed.

In particular, meat and fish should be placed on the lowest shelf. In fact, this is the coldest zone.

In the intermediate parts, foods such as cold pasta, fresh cheeses and other foods that have already been opened should be placed.

In the upper compartments, where temperatures of around six degrees are reached, other foods should be placed, such as aged cheeses, cold cuts and leftovers of already cooked food.

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However, it is important to wait for cooked foods to cool to room temperature without using energy from the refrigerator to cool those foods.

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