rediscovered tomb full of jewels

An incredible discovery: a tomb was found containing a huge amount of gold jewelry. Never seen such a thing.

Archaeologist (Image from Pixabay)

Romania becomes the protagonist of a very valuable archaeological discovery. Following an excavation campaign started last March, the remains of a very special tomb were found.

After a very brief overview, it was possible to date everything to the Copper Age (or Eneolithic), an element that further piqued the imagination and curiosity of the archaeologists involved in the work.

According to scientists, the value of discovery is simply phenomenal. Such a treasure is unique in its kind in Central and Eastern Europe – these are the words of the director of the museum.

Romans, a tomb with a lot of gold jewelry was found: about 200 pieces were found

Let’s go step by step and reconstruct the excavation campaign. As mentioned, we are in Romania and it all happened in a rather unusual place.

Gold rings (Photo from Facebook, Muzeul Ţării Crişurilor)

I am referring, in fact, to the fact that the work took place near a road construction site that connects the highway to the province of Oradea. The excavations led to a very old tomb filled with gold jewelry.

It does not stop there, because in addition to the wonder dictated by the discovery alone, having also found these precious objects has aroused a lot of wonder among archaeologists. Bracelets and beads were also found thanks to the work of Dr. Călin Ghemiș’s team.

As often, the precious objects reported will be subjected to analyzes and research on dating by the 14C method and DNA analysis. Experts explain that the involvement of many researchers was necessary, but the value of the discovery pays for any effort.

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One of the first hypotheses considered is that the tomb most likely belonged to a very wealthy woman in the community. Investigations will continue for some attribution.

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