reappeared the remains of a huge dinosaur

Discovery of the Guinness Book of Records: the remains of a huge dinosaur have reappeared. Details not to be missed.

Sauropod (Photo from Instagram)

A discovery that definitely happened by chance and that left everyone speechless. Random, because it took place in the garden of a private house undergoing renovation. Needless to say the expression of the owners in front of such a marvel.

The discovery dates back to 2017, but in recent months it has found more concrete answers and the certainty of being in the presence of something never seen before. Many archaeologists and paleontologists participate in the excavation campaign.

The remains of a huge dinosaur emerge: Portugal is the protagonist of this exciting discovery

As we mentioned earlier, the discovery happened by chance in the garden of a private house. The remains of a dinosaur have been found following a renovation.

Sauropod (Photo from Instagram)

It all happened in Pombal – the region of Portugal. The owners realized they had learned something big. They immediately contacted archaeologists who quickly began excavation work.

It took several years to provide all the appropriate answers: the dinosaur in question belongs to the sauropod species. It is 25 meters long and many parts of its skeleton have been found, including vertebrae and ribs.

Sauropods are characterized by a long neck and a long tail, unlike the head which is very small. They are true giants, but tend to be harmless as they are herbivores. The first attestations date back to Asia and America. They also appeared in Europe afterwards.

The dumbest aspect for scholars is the size of the remains. This aspect suggests that we are facing one of the largest specimens of the genus. Probably lived between 160 and 100 million years for 77 tons of weight.

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The dinosaur found in Portugal is considered a record, due to its really above average size.

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