rarity is a special “letter”

A detail and the value skyrockets. Coins is gathering more and more fans without being experts in the sector.

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Today, they seem to have become part of a trend between enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts. Coins rise to the top of the leaderboard as the most admired items among citizens. The euro lire or the coins of antiquity are often the subject of revenge among connoisseurs.

It has become so unavoidable that today we can come across dishonest people who can make us fall into a trap. If we have this feeling of having in our hands a piece that seems exclusive to us, it is better to rely on the experts. Numismatics is a branch aimed precisely at the evaluation of rare coins.

They are among the true professionals and counting on them keeps us in an iron barrel. Online, it is possible to consult certain sites created specifically to examine our goods. It is essential to take close-up photos of the coins we deem valuable and upload them to the portal.

Coins of particular value, the level goes up with certain characteristics

In no time you will be contacted by a numismatist with a lot of valuation pedigree. The exam is free and also unnamed. If the piece we presented has potential, the offer is immediately triggered because a good deal does not let anyone slip away.

Today we take as an example the €1 coin and a characteristic that distinguishes it. First of all, it must be flawless. It must match certain guns that mirror the Brilliant Uncirculated. This means that it should not have any worn corners.

The particularity of the one presented today is one side of the one euro coin on the left of which the letter R does not appear. This defect considerably increases the valuation of the coin. If, on the other hand, the piece has the S on the golden edge, you are in luck because the resulting figure is beautiful and luscious.

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Still on the same piece, if the stars to the left of the Vitruvian man are missing, the reward is very high. It starts with a monetary ransom ranging from 12,000 euros up to 40,000 with the piece presented in perfect condition.

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