Rai license increase. The two methods to avoid paying it

The Rai fee will soon be increased, but there are two legal ways for citizens to avoid paying it without consequences. Here’s how.

Rai headquarters in Viale Mazzini (Facebook)

From next year, the RAI charge will no longer be present in electricity bills as it has been the case until now, the European Union having established that it is unfair to pay a tax by this method. .

Public television is therefore reflecting and is increasingly asking for an increase in the above-mentioned fee, because due to inflation, the 90 euros are no longer sufficient to guarantee an adequate service.

From 2023 he will again be paid separately, and Rai fears this will mean a strong comeback from the Italians. In all likelihood, the fee will also become a regional tax from January.

However, there are two completely legal methods to avoid paying this tax and to lighten the wallet, even if you must meet certain requirements.

The two methods to avoid paying the Rai fee

The first is to fill out the specific form on the Rai website with which to apply in order to be exempt from payment. The fundamental requirement is, of course, not to have any type of television at home. This way you are not required to pay – for now – 90 euros.

The second way to avoid this expense, however, concerns a very specific category of citizens. These are elderly people with low income ISEE, who can apply for an exemption, in this case even if they have a television set. Legal solutions that can help to breathe a little, in an already delicate period, between increases and various increases, which brings a good part of the country to its knees.

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In any case, consumer associations are already on a war footing, because for many of them it is now certain that the increase in rents, from January 2023, will indeed take place.

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