Production in crisis and empty shelves, raw materials alert: scarcity on the markets

Sharp drop in the production of certain primary products. Citizens are concerned about the high cost of consumer goods.

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It sounds like an alarm and it is. Increasingly rare productions and products intended for consumption granted in dribs and drabs. Italy is going through a really exhausting time. Expenses have doubled and there is not even the most consumed effect per day on the tables.

Among the shelves, it is possible to note the absence of a first-rate good that is highly valued by consumers. Unfortunately, it is vitally important and cannot be found as easily as it once was. The situation is really worrying and traders have their hands in their hair for not satisfying customers.

It all started with the advent of the current new year. 2022 is witnessing a serious conflict in the East involving Russia and Ukraine. The leader in Red Square made a sharp cut in supplies and prices soared. Italy with cut legs.

Poor raw material production, astronomical costs brought traders to their knees

These increases did not take into account the wallets of the Italians. Their salary stayed where it started and the producers realize that too. Co2 is expensive and its use is vital in both sparkling water and beer. Two very popular drinks thanks also to the heat.

These days with the hot days characterized by the Saharan anticyclone, a good sparkling drink is the right opportunity to quench your thirst and refresh yourself. Instead, the bubble solution industries preferred to operate only in the confectionery medium where it is prevalent. Here it is well paid.

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The costs are truly insurmountable and the factories that produce sparkling water are unable to contain the additional costs in these dark times. Here the large surfaces do not apply and the buyers are stunned in front of the empty and sad shelves. The same goes for the much-desired beer.

Lucky who can find sparkling water maybe in small towns. The big cities are suffering a lot and unfortunately no one can meet their demand.

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