Price hike and wage freeze, Italian spending is discounted

The prices are skyrocketing and the base salary is not increasing. The Italians’ malaise shows no sign of having a way out of their daily needs.

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The Italian economy suffers a fall that borders on total collapse. There is no indication of a reduction in the rise in prices which has been affecting trade in primary products for the past few months. Salaries have not been revised and the difference is very significant,

The dark times that locked us at home were not enough, now the raging conflict in Eastern Europe is unfolding to harm us. Unfortunately, the Kremlin has the greatest fuel production. With an abuse of power, the decision was made to block the supply.

Less gas, higher prices in the rest of the economy. Everything moves on board the means of transport and with Putin’s decision, the rest must be amortized with the increase in fuel costs, but that’s not all.

Higher prices and stable wages. The comparison no longer holds for the family economy

Different seed oils cost as much as the best olive oil. It is almost advisable to opt for precious oil also for frying. Skyrocketing prices for new supermarket purchases. A real blow to the head for the Italians who do not see their salaries compared.

Price (pixabay)

If before this affair between Russia and Ukraine you filled a shopping cart with 100 euros. now with the same amount you barely fill two envelopes. The family needs food to satisfy a need. The government is trying to fix the bonus problem.

Too little, the one-off is not enough. We eat every day and consume water, electricity and gas in the same way. Providence must be able to cover the entire period of sailing in rough waters. The hope is that everything can come to an end.

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Meanwhile, Italian families are trying to move forward with various schemes. Consideration of discounters who still favor acceptable prices. Maybe a few more sacrifices to make ends meet and stay afloat. The impossible is done as best we can.

The hope is that peace and peace will return soon. The remunerated portfolio is pure utopia

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