POS, when penalties are triggered for those who refuse ATMs and credit cards

To see when the sanctions are triggered for craftsmen, traders and professionals who refuse payments via TPE. All the details.

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Artisans, merchants and professionals who do not authorize credit or debit card payments using the point of sale are subject to penalties. This is provided for by the new rules which came into force on June 30.

The Guardia di Finanza clarified the matter by explaining when the sanctions are triggered. Two instruction notes were sent to the territorial departments by the head of the operations department III of the general command, Giuseppe Arbore.

It is specified that the penalties are triggered only when the trader, merchant or professional refuses electronic payment to the customer.

This means that if the aforementioned subjects are not in possession of the POS, but the consumer does not request payment by credit or debit card, the penalty will not be imposed.

POS, when penalties are triggered for those who do not accept debit and credit card payments

In addition, the notes indicate that “the indication of the electronic means of payment whose acceptance gives rise to the application of the sanction must be considered mandatory”.

Point of sale (Picture Pixabay.com)

In essence, therefore, the trader, trader or professional can only be sanctioned when he does not accept a payment that the consumer intends to make by “debit, credit and prepaid cards”. However, this does not happen if the consumer intends to pay “with other alternative instruments to cash”.

Therefore, merchants who refuse alternative means of payment, such as PayPal or Satispay, cannot be sanctioned.

Moreover, it is not possible to impose a sanction in the event of “objective technical impossibility” (for example if there are “proven connectivity problems or malfunctions of the devices for accepting electronic payments”).

Following an investigation into the offence, the report must be sent to the prefect of the province in which it was committed, accompanied by the supporting documents for the disputes formulated.

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Each infraction, as well as the amount of the sanction imposed, must be recorded in the Ares software of the Guardia di Finanza.

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