Pompeii, what are its secrets? The latest amazing discoveries

Pompeii is an open-air museum and an inexhaustible source of wonder: what are its secrets? The latest amazing discoveries – PHOTOS not to be missed.

The city of Pompeii (Image from Pixabay)

For me, Pompeii and its excavations are part of the wonders of the world. Its history is full of mystery, charm, wonder and knowledge. At least once in a lifetime it is worth getting lost in its streets, walking where the Romans did.

It is one of the most famous and visited archaeological sites of all time. Before getting to the heart of the news, let’s briefly recall what happened. Pompeii was buried by lava due to the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79

Thanks to the excavations, it was possible to unearth a large part of the city, to reconstruct the way of life of the inhabitants, their habits and customs. What are the most compelling findings? But above all, what secrets is she hiding?

Pompeii, all the most exciting discoveries of recent years. What is there to know? Must-see details

As we have just mentioned, Pompeii is a veritable open-air museum. With an essential charm, it was an urban center in every way.

The first excavation campaigns date back to the 16th century, precisely to 1748. Thanks to this work, it was possible to unearth most of the city. The very first step taken saw the discovery of the walls which then led to the discovery of the forum and the theatre.

Subsequently, a multitude of art objects, small structures and a series of tools testifying to the daily life of the community were brought back into vogue. Frescoes were found that adorned the walls of houses, as well as the gruesome discovery of many human remains caught unawares by the eruption.

Today, we never stop digging and searching. Very recently, the remains of a bourgeois house were discovered. As mentioned earlier, many everyday objects are preserved and displayed. With this type of discovery, in fact, the quality of life in the most modest environments is enhanced.

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A coveted destination for tourists from all over the world, Pompeii will forever be a source of great Italian pride.

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