Pompeii, excavations unearth a treasure closed for 2000 years: priceless

Exceptional discovery in Pompeii. The site of the discovery center unearths a piece of furniture from the time full of important vestiges of the time.

Pompeii (pixaby)

The archaeological site of Pompeii which characterizes the region of Campania never ceases to amaze. A new legacy has recently emerged that has something extraordinary about it. Nothing like this had been found before. Experts are going crazy over this priceless discovery.

The town at the foot of Vesuvius was worst hit by a devastating eruption centuries ago. The place has been brought to light thanks to discoveries made for many years now. Important discoveries have made us understand how the daily life of the Pompeians took place.

In AD 79, life in this splendid city not far from the Tyrrhenian Sea was a place of dreams. The houses were lined up and bordered by the classic cobblestone street still visible today. There was already a kind of sidewalks to facilitate pedestrians.

Pompeii, a real treasure found inside a closed cabinet

The houses were elegant and the walls painted in the classic colors ocher or red. Some displayed actual paintings of the gods they believed in. A daily life that lives the restlessness of housewives and mothers with their babies.

Vesuvius suddenly began to smoke more and more until the explosion reached 32 km in height, raining swirling in a rain of lapilli. Pompeii was devastated and people died of suffocation and hit on the head by heavy pumice stones.

After several studies, the city began to shine again and continues today. Excavations continue to bring back the secrets that belonged to the domus of the Neapolitan city. Today an item was unearthed that is amazing.

In a house, a cupboard closed for 2000 years was discovered. It was separated and must surely contain valuables. The archaeologists opened it and found themselves in front of the representation equivalent to a real treasure. Tableware and ceramics of immense value.

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A joy for connoisseurs who immediately filmed and broadcast the new discovery dated centuries ago. It was found in the enchanted garden, the space which delimits an excavation begun in 2008 and which abounds in infinite preciousness.

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