Playstation 4, if you have this game in your hands you have a real treasure

Report the game world! Playstation 4, if you own this game, you could have a real treasure in your hands. Check your collection.

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The gaming world is full of hidden treasures, and the most passionate fans compete to grab the hottest game or the console that has just been released. Also in this sector there are many collectibles and rarities that could be worth a real fortune.

I’m not just talking about old devices – considered true relics – but especially games. If, in fact, you want to archive your PS4 to upgrade to the all-new and popular console, I’d recommend taking a look at the collection you have at home first.

Playstation 4, having Yoko Taro’s NieR Automata game in your hands could guarantee you a little treasure

As mentioned above, there are tons of fans who want to buy the brand new consoles in the market like the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. These are very expensive devices so should be checked out if you have any rare games in your collection. .

I refer in particular to the game Nier: Automata, where biomachines and androids clash. Once on the market, it was particularly appreciated by critics who particularly appreciated the excellent graphics, the themes covered and the evocative soundtrack.

Owning this game is equivalent to having a little treasure in your hands because the cd rom alone (without box) is worth more than 500 pounds. However, owning a copy in the box costs over £600. But a piece in very good condition, well, we far exceed the figurine.

The value of this valuable video game was established by a website that deals with the appraisal of rare items. Indeed, those who frequent this world assiduously know very well that keeping up to date has a price.

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Check your collection well and if you’re lucky you could buy a new console just by reselling this precious game.

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