Plane tickets, the essential low cost offer: just a few hours away

Airline tickets, the famous low cost company has launched a new must-have offer not to be missed. Hurry, the promotion is about to expire! All the details.

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Ryanair, the famous low-cost airline, has launched a new unmissable offer, with plane tickets starting at 19.99 euros.

This is a summer promotion that lasts only twenty-four hours and that already expires today Thursday, July 21, at midnight.

It is possible to fly between September and October, a period that can be used to go on vacation in complete peace of mind.

Offers include flights to Cagliari. Sardinia is one of the best destinations for going on vacation in September.

Plane tickets offered, an opportunity to seize to spend a wonderful holiday in Sardinia

There are many wonderful beaches on the island. In the southwestern area of ​​Sardinia is Pula, one of the splendid tourist resorts of the island.

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Its beaches are surrounded by dense Mediterranean flora. There are also archaeological and cultural attractions, which are attracting more and more tourists from our country (and elsewhere).

In the town there is also an Archaeological Museum, inside which are the Roman Punic finds from the archaeological site of Nora, the oldest town in Sardinia.

Also, don’t miss the wonderful beaches of Chia, the coastal area of ​​the municipality of Domus de Maria, which overlooks a Spanish tower dating from the 17th century. There is the attraction for several tourists, it is the beach.

A wonderful sea and not only in Chia, given the presence of restaurants that offer good food. In addition, for golf lovers, there is a green near the Chia Laguna Resort and the Is Molas Golf Club which is a short drive away.

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In short, in Sardinia there are all the ingredients for a wonderful holiday of maximum relaxation.

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