Piero Angela, the greatest science popularizer in history, has died

Piero Angela, the greatest science popularizer in history, has died. He was 93 years old. Thanks to his knowledge, he won the hearts of millions of Italians.

Piero Angela (Photo from Instagram)

We are hosted by one of the country’s foremost science communicators. Last farewell to the immense Piero Angela. To give the sad announcement, the son Alberto who followed in his father’s footsteps. Bon voyage dad – these are his words.

Piero was a pillar of Italian television. Thanks to his knowledge, he won the hearts of millions and millions of viewers. A discreet, good man, with an immense culture. Best-selling writer and author of shows of the caliber of Super Quark.

Its programs have completely changed the way science is told: with an innovative and Anglo-Saxon character, it has given life to a whole new way of disseminating the subject.

Last farewell to the immense Piero Angela, television will never be the same again

Piero Angela wrote the pages of Italian television history. Born in Turin in 1928, at the age of 7, he began taking piano lessons. Jazz music fascinated him like never before and little more than a teenager he started playing in the clubs of Versilia – eventually forming a band.

It was not until the early 1950s that he decided to give up music. He entered Rai, where he devoted himself to journalism. He plays the role of columnist and was one of the most famous correspondents of the time. We also remember that he was the first presenter of TG2 as well as a war correspondent.

The way of telling the director Roberto Rossellini particularly influences him. He approaches to shoot his first documentary and on the occasion of the launch into space of the Saturn V satellite, he also begins his journey into the world of scientific broadcasting.

Among its most famous shows are Quark, Superquark (aired from 1995 to 2022). Not to mention the famous success of Ulysses – The Pleasure of Discovery which kept millions of viewers riveted to the screen. The secret of its success: finding a meeting point with the public and an easy language of communication.

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With the death of Piero Angela, a pillar of knowledge is gone. Condolences and sadness from friends and colleagues on the show. A last goodbye.

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