Personality test, do your hands have secrets? The 4 natural elements reveal it to you

Today’s test prioritizes hands. Between gestures and manicures, they hide parts of character that are also hidden from you. Try to examine them.

trial (pixaby)

You are never alive enough to know yourself well. The test that we propose today gives importance to the hands. They are the most mobile part of the body. We move or are always they are always active to help in the speeches. Their shape can reveal many hidden qualities even to ourselves.

In the photo above, there are four types of hands with areas that are more treaded and others that are less. This detail should be kept in mind as we make the choice and read the response. Then, visualize well and compare our hand with those described.

Each type of hand corresponds to an element of nature. Now let’s fix our gaze on the drawings and associate ours with the one that seems to come closest to it. Now we have understood which element we belong to and we can proceed to read the corresponding explanation.

Visual test of the hand, to discover exceptional “powers”

The result will surprise us and give us that extra inspiration to declare the hidden qualities that a simple test brings to light with simplicity.

trial (pixaby)

If your hand corresponds to the water element, you are a very emotional person. Your sensitivity leads you to excessive sweating. You are empathetic and selfless. Your personality could match the Healer. Where you are going is all joy and positivity.

A thin hand with even nails calls a person prone to creativity and is part of the air. Refined and graceful, you do not neglect your qualities even in negative situations. You are considered a wizard personality. You find the solution to everything and the problems disappear instantly.

A large double limb and an elongated palm classify you as a trained and experienced person. They call you King because you pass yourself off as a leader. One of the main characteristics of those who possess the Earth element is to have a great preparation in their field of specialization.

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Finally, you belong to the sign of fire if your hands appear with long palms and short fingers. The personality that emerges is a Warrior, so a lot of courage and determination to overcome all obstacles. Tireless and always motivated, they know neither corruption nor defeat. Dare to the end.

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