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During this period, as we know, for various reasons, there were disproportionate increases. Get what you need right away.

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Shopping is definitely one of the most common and mundane tasks that anyone who is at least the age of majority has to deal with.

In fact, not always, especially when you are at the first experiences, it can be easy to understand the mechanisms or to realize which are the best products that correspond to your personal needs.

So, very often, it happens to be advised by those who have already behind them several years of this practice which, although harmless, can sometimes give us a hard time.

Indeed, it is not only a question of choosing the cheapest product, quite the contrary, it is also necessary to look at the quality and to make sure of the expiry date or the state of conservation of what one bought.

So the unbiased advice is to go for something that, at least on the surface, is at least as close to something as fresh as possible.

In any case, in this period we all realized a little that the prices, also due to the war conflict between Russia and Ukraine, had a certain increase.

It was not necessary, in particular, because Italy, like other parts of the world, has just emerged almost completely from the health crisis which, willy-nilly, has disadvantaged thousands of people.

Foods to buy now

Unfortunately, however, it looks like the latest news is telling us something to be careful about. In practice, it would seem that Coldiretti Toscana gave a definite warning.

Olive oil (Pixabay)

Indeed, not only has there been a general increase in prices in this region, but, more specifically, there are certain products that are going to be taken by storm because a significant increase in prices is expected shortly.

We therefore refer to all the foods that we serve approximately every day, such as bread and pasta. If, on the other hand, in these warm months you usually prepare a good rice salad, hurry to buy this popular cereal, because the cost may skyrocket.

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However, we must not forget that even meat, cold cuts and fish will have the same identical fate. Not to mention that even fruits, milk, butter, eggs, cheeses and oil will not escape the same fate: as we have seen, its commercial value has already increased dramatically.

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