pay attention to the balconies of the house. They could hide there too

Snake alarm: also pay close attention to the balconies of the house, especially in the city. They could also hide there.

Snake (Image from Pixabay)

The arrival of the summer season does not only imply the proliferation of insects, but also other peculiar animals that we did not expect to see in the city. This time the alarm concerns not only the countryside, which tends to be more at risk, but also urban centers.

To raise the alarm, many citizens, decidedly frightened by what was unexpectedly on the balconies of their townhouses. The news comes directly from Turin, generating a lot of fear among the unfortunate.

Snake alert also in town: they could also reach the balconies of townhouses

No one would have expected that the city too could hide such grave dangers. Opening your balcony and finding yourself face to face with a snake can be downright scary.

Snake (Image from Pixabay)

The instinctive reaction is to scream and eventually chase the crawling animal away by any chance means that may present themselves. This way of doing things, however, is definitely very bad. Snakes, in fact, are not aggressive towards humans, unless they feel threatened.

What snakes are usually found in town? They are white: they are non-venomous animals that tend to live in the countryside or near the banks of the river. With excessive heat, however, it is much easier to find them even in the city due to the humid climate.

This species lives during the day and feeds on mice or other reptiles. They are also very fast animals and can reach 2 meters in length. They have a very small head and a shiny body. They run away at a speed of about 11 km/h and when they feel hunted they tend to run away as quickly as possible.

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Be careful not to tease them, because in case of threat they will not hesitate to attack in turn to defend themselves by aggressively biting the alleged opponent.

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