Ominous inscriptions emerge from the past: an exciting discovery

Ominous inscriptions emerge from the past – an exciting discovery. But what do they mean? Let’s find out together.

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This is not the first time that we find ourselves in the presence of such news. Fascinating, but disturbing at the same time. This is because what our ancestors really meant we will hardly know with absolute certainty. Their way of communicating was markedly different from ours, as well as customs and traditions.

Each population had and has very specific rituals that may seem “strange” to us. But they are just different, nothing more. In the past, those who inhabited this world before us truly left us an extraordinary legacy. Let’s reconstruct together what has just been discovered.

Some obscure messages from the distant past have been revealed. The worst is to be feared

Are we in the presence of some kind of warning message? Something that has to happen? A decidedly ominous inscription has been found imprinted on a rock. But let’s find out together what it is.

The message was found on what is called the Hunger Stone: these are hydrological markers found mainly in Germany and central Europe. Why this name? It is due to the phenomenon of drought.

These stones, in fact, are only visible when the river or lake is dry. The first were sighted in the 15th century, while many others date from more recent times. The dark inscription was intercepted on a stone in the Czech Republic – in the Elbe.

The inscription quotes verbatim: “When you see me, you cry”. Actually not a message of good wishes. These are sentences that want to testify to a decidedly very dangerous climatic situation. As we said, the stones emerge with the dryness of the river. An alarming fact for the planet.

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Many discoveries in recent months due to drought. A good and a bad because they are due to a decidedly problematic phenomenon for the rest of the world.

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