now the thieves only want part of the support

Bad news for all Italian motorists. Today, car thefts have become even more selective and are increasing visibly. This is what thieves want.

A Mercedes (Canvas)

No respite at the start of summer for Italian motorists. For months, the prices of gasoline and diesel have exploded and refueling has become a real drain. Not only that, because the tolls of the Autostrade per l’Italia and Telepass subscriptions have also increased, making the trip a “via crucis”.

Codacons recently compiled a list of the most expensive stretches of freeway in the country, and it’s scary. A trip from Milan to Lecce costs around 250 euros with a green petrol car, around 30 euros less for a diesel car. If, on the other hand, you were to travel from Bolzano to Trapani, a round trip would cost 400 euros.

However, to this already complicated situation is added the increase in thefts, which have “evolved” compared to past years. that’s what thieves are interested in today.

Car thefts: thieves are now only interested in this component

For some time now, law enforcement agencies engaged in evading and controlling these crimes have noticed a disturbing and unusual trend. The fraudulent trend affects all cars, but especially BMWs, X3s and X5s.

The criminals have indeed started stealing only the steering wheels of the cars. They leave the car where it is but with specific devices they only steal the single part. Today, steering wheels are like small computers, which control different parts of the vehicle, such as the car radio, the navigator, the windows.

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Probably on the underground market, these parts are selling like hotcakes, hence the growth in occasional thefts, which bring motorists to their knees. Yes, because having it replaced can also take a long time. This is because there is also a shortage of microchips and the times are inexorably getting longer.

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