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The very high temperatures of the weather forecast are of great concern to experts. They are often the result of an alert on the Globe’s ecosystem.

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The weather we perceive is a succession of boiling air and scorching heat. The air is unbreathable and the high pressure that is hitting all of Europe and Italy is showing no signs of stopping. A period that materializes with the advent of March and spring.

Despite this, the constant monitoring of our experts would make us think and predict, with certainty, that there could be a sudden change. Undoubtedly the freshness is long overdue. A crack will only be possible in the next few days.

This summer is indeed very hot. Temperatures are soaring almost everywhere. The heat wave is also where it is not common to experience such hot summers. In Northern Europe and North America, meteorologists and ecologists are sounding the alarm on the danger of fauna and flora

Weather, a change is on the horizon in the coming days

Italy is going through what looks to be one of the hottest summers ever experienced. Second after the year 2003, when an unbreathable heat lingered in the skies of almost the entire Italian flag peninsula. There was no respite either on the beaches or in the nights.

Weather (pixaby)

The heat of the African desert has brought agriculture and livestock to their knees. The water no longer irrigates the rivers and we only see expanses of stones and arid land. Consumer prices are rising and discontent is widespread. A real disaster.

But good news will also delight all holidaymakers. It seems that a period of rest from the great heat is finally approaching. Experts watch for an impending disruption. A hope for the community. What will we expect in the next few days?

Many meteorologists are reporting a wave of fresh air at the gates of Italy’s most beloved summer religious festival. Ferragosto will present itself under another face and there will finally be a fall in the column of degrees.

The African anticyclone, which has hit our Peninsula for days, will have finally lost its power. In its place, scattered rains will occur which will rebalance perceived temperatures.

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As they say “not all storms come to destroy”, we are sure that the expected rains will be welcomed by Italians. Nature can rejoice at first to suffer from the severity of the perceived temperatures.

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