not only cellar and garage

Hateful animals, cockroaches and cockroaches, threaten the busiest place in our homes. It is their favorite habitat.

Cockroaches and Cockroaches (Facebook)

They can hide in the most remote places of our house. Let’s talk about the cockroaches and cockroaches that are rampant during this period. They are annoying and are found everywhere. Both of these species may seem seemingly harmless and will certainly loath those who dislike them.

Their invasion is also scary because they represent a danger to human health. Their bite can cause salmonellosis, infections and especially allergies in predisposed people. They have an impressive reproduction speed and several times a year.

Females feed specifically to lay eggs. If we become aware of their presence in the house late, we will find ourselves in a haunted and frightening situation. Even the sight of a single one between cockroaches and cockroaches indicates that there could be a veritable army behind them.

Cockroaches and cockroaches in every corner of the house. Their hiding places are everywhere

We believe their natural habitat is damp areas in the basement or garage. This is a more than obvious statement, but be careful. Cockroaches and cockroaches need to be fed. They are able to perceive the presence of scraps or leftover food from a distance thanks to their special antennae.

It is therefore not difficult to find them in front of you in the kitchen. They move quickly in the middle of the night indeed during the day it is rare to surprise them. To fight them, we must first find their secret lair. They usually show up near the trash can behind devices

But their presence is also near the drains of the bathroom. Another fact that certainly indicates their presence is the droppings they leave around the house. They are depicted as small dark beans very similar to coffee powder. It’s a sure sign that they’re going around the house.

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We must try to act quickly by obtaining special products. Just spray them and wait for them to take effect. There is a lot of disgust and even terror can be called industrious. There are many specialists who come to disinfect everything and finally the house is rid of the odious parasites,

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