North Africa is a very coveted and low cost destination

Summer 2022 is not over yet. Many departures in September and North Africa is a very popular and inexpensive destination.

Oualidia, Morocco (Photo from Instagram)

Summer 2022 is not over yet: many Italians and in general many tourists do not have the opportunity to travel during the first summer months. Therefore, many choose to take their holidays in September.

If you think about it, it’s not a bad idea! Of course, you have to wait a long time, but you can enjoy the tranquility of the beaches and above all of decidedly cheaper prices compared to the boom in August.

The most coveted and sought-after destination is undoubtedly the sea: in Italy there are many wonders, but the rest of the world also offers breathtaking views. North Africa is depopulated and exploded. Let’s find out where.

North Africa, a very popular destination for September holidays. Low prices and a dream panorama

As we have just mentioned, due to work or organizational problems, but also due to the decidedly high prices, not everyone can afford to travel in the high points of summer.

Most Italians are choosing to postpone everything until September and one of the most popular destinations for summer 2022 is Oualidia. It is one of the marvels of Morocco, remained silent for a very long time. Small beaches, unspoiled nature.

It will be very easy to come across pink flamingos in the street that mingle with the lagoon. Do we want to talk about the kitchen? Spices, smells, flavors make this corner of paradise even more magical. Are we going to reveal other curiosities?

The view is breathtaking and one of the features that has most caught the eye of vacationers is the huge expanse of palm trees that surround the houses. A village that has remained pure and intact over time.

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But that’s not all, because there is another very important aspect: the price. Accommodation in Oualidia is really inexpensive. Various transfers, restaurants and hotels are for all budgets. Have you already booked?

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