Nightmarish roaches, cockroaches and now bed bugs. Fight pesky parasites with a deadly treatment

A veritable nightmare, they invade and haunt homes and gardens. The annoying little animals defeated with an alternative and effective remedy.

Cockroaches (instagram)

In the last period they are very often mentioned and this becomes a real alarm. Cockroaches, roaches and in addition also tiny bed bugs. It seems that they have become the protagonists with the persistent heat of these days.

We know how high temperatures accentuate their proliferation. A real invasion of fast and filthy animals. Homes become infested with these insects. The disappointment grows and the thousand remedies operated to counter the event are not enough.

Cockroaches are the most denounced by citizens. These animals come out of their nests in search of food scraps and can enter homes and even find them in cupboards. Everything they touch is contaminated with their saliva.

Nightmarish cockroaches, cockroaches and bed bugs, the definitive solution to eliminate them

Cockroaches also behave the same way. these two species can also be dangerous to human health. They can contaminate and therefore transmit serious diseases even to pets. They carry Salmonella and other bacteria.

Supermarket shelves offer a wide range of products to overcome this great inconvenience. Disliked guests will disappear in the blink of an eye. The products on the market are easy to use and very effective. We must try to act immediately.

Cockroaches nest well and can lay up to 40-50 eggs at a time. The speed to counter the opening of the eggs is sacrosanct. This avoids facing a major problem. Insecticide sprays are also inexpensive.

Let’s come instead to the number one enemy of the garden: the elm bug. The insect is very tenacious and it is not easy to get rid of it. It also finds a place in homes where it will give life to egg laying. It smells bad if beaten.

The rule to counter the entry of unpleasant guests into the house is to place mosquito nets on windows and doors. Use aromas that are unpleasant for insects, excellent are those based on Neem oil, as well as garlic or tea tree essences.

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Alternative remedies seem to be very effective as repellents. A very effective method is to use diatomaceous earth widely used and used in organic farming.

The vacuum cleaner is still the best system of the moment to eliminate insects.

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