Night of San Lorenzo, when to witness the phenomenon of shooting stars

The Night of San Lorenzo is the most awaited of the summer: when is it possible to witness the phenomenon of shooting stars? Details not to be missed.

Shooting Stars (Photo from Pixabay)

The Night of San Lorenzo is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated moments of the summer. The magic of seeing the sky so full of stars, mixed with the charm of being able to express the famous wishes is really something priceless.

Traditionally, it falls on August 10, but the phenomenon of shooting stars is clearly visible even beyond that day. The origin of this feast takes its name from a distant legend that sees the story of the martyrdom of San Lorenzo.

What do we mean by a shooting star? What are the characteristics of this phenomenon? And especially when is it really possible to attend at the best moment? Let’s try to answer these questions.

Night of San Lorenzo: this is when it is possible to witness the phenomenon of shooting stars

As we just mentioned, August 10 has always been considered the day of the shooting stars. But the phenomenon is clearly visible even further.

Starry Sky (Image from Pixabay)

Let’s try to explain a little better what is meant by shooting stars? These are very small pieces of rock that burn as soon as they come into contact with the atmosphere. This particular phenomenon of combustion creates luminous streaks visible to the naked eye.

Wanting to be even more precise, these luminous streaks take the name of Perseids, precisely because their point of origin is located near the constellation of Perseus. When could we witness this incredible astronomical phenomenon?

Not only on August 10, but it will also be possible to roll your eyes in the following days. In particular, the highlight will take place on August 12 and 13. It is necessary to be careful with the place chosen because of the presence of the Moon.

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Places in the mountains and away from the city are undoubtedly the ideal destinations to witness the light trails. But that’s not all, because those who will not be able to enjoy the show will be able to watch a live broadcast.

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