Rubio: Trump’s Immigration Rhetoric Is “Absurd”

Marco Rubio challenged Donald Trump on Sunday for his position on immigration, saying that Trump is a flip-flopper on the issue who has changed his position over the past six months.  He also targeted Trump’s new position as “absurd”:

“His rhetoric is a little louder, but if you think about his position on immigration six months ago, his position on immigration six months ago is nothing like his position on immigration now. Even what he’s saying now borders on the absurd,” Rubio said.

“It’s just Donald being Donald,” he added to dismiss Trump’s position.

Among other things, Trump has called for the deportation of every single person who came into the US illegally, saying he would let the “wonderful cases” back into the country. Trump has also called for a massive wall — he suggested this weekend that it could be 40- or 50- feet high — and for Mexico to pay for it.

Nick Arnold is a researcher for the American Principles Project.