Poll: Trump vs. Hillary, Who Do Voters Trust?

From left: Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (credit: Gage Skidmore/Marc Nozell)
From left: Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Marc Nozell)

There have already been several polls on how 2016 election will play out, Rasmussen decided to go a step further and see whether voters trust Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on specific issues.  The responses are a mixed bag, but Trump appears to have the voters’ trust on a few of the big issues facing America:

The Economy

Good news for Trump on the economy!  Asked which candidate they trust more to handle “the economy and job creation,” Trump crushes Clinton 50-38.

Social Issues

Trump flags a bit on some of the big ticket social issues of our day.  Asked about trustworthiness on “abortion, gay marriage, and church-state issues,” it’s Clinton who holds the advantage, 44-40.


Along with the economy, this is a big win for Trump.  Clinton is beaten 52-38 in this category.

National Security

This one is closer, but Trump edges out Hillary on who people trust more as Commander-in-Chief, 46-42.

There are other issues, like the environment, where Hillary edges out Trump, but on the issues a President would be asked to deal with on a day-to-day basis, Trump is currently winning three out of four.  This is obviously good news for him, though the closeness on social issues and national security should also serve as a wake-up call that Trump needs to better articulate his positions on these if he wants to keep his lead.

Nick Arnold is a researcher for American Principles In Action.