new very high fine for traffickers

There are important news regarding the new highway code. Very high fines are coming for those who don’t follow the new rules.

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In the new highway code, some rules have been added to be strictly observed. The advice is to try not to be smart, as you risk even quite hefty fines otherwise.

The code has been operational since last November and has brought several innovations to be able to keep up with the technology and also the new vehicles that are increasingly used on Italian roads.

This is the case, for example, of electric scooters, which over the past year have often been the protagonists of accidents, sometimes even fatal. A hardening is planned for them, with rules which will now come into force. So let’s see what are the rules that, in case of violation, will provide for very high fines, which can go up to hundreds of euros.

Highway code: you risk hundreds of euros in fines!

Let’s start right away with the risk of people caught throwing rubbish out of the window: fines range from a minimum of 26 euros to 866 euros. Those who have this annoying habit of dirtying the streets by throwing rubbish out of the windows, we are sure they will give us a thought now, before doing it again.

Also cut down for the “cunning” places reserved for the disabled. Anyone caught occupying a place that is not dedicated to them will receive a fine of 672 euros, plus six points of the license withdrawn. A great deterrent to crush this despicable disrespect. Even for those who will be pinched on a mobile phone or other technological tool while driving: the fine will be 661 euros and five points deducted from the driving license.

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Finally, rules for all owners of electric scooters, as mentioned above. In addition to the compulsory insurance, the vehicle must have an audible signal, and it can never exceed 20 Km/h and beyond 6 Km/h in pedestrian zones. From this year, they will have to be equipped with arrows and stop lights. Anyone not respecting these rules will be fined between 100 and 400 euros and the vehicle seized.

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