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The particular world economic situation can have various repercussions, pay attention to the value of gold in the coming weeks.

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It is a 2022 that holds decidedly worrying scenarios for the future. The pandemic has not yet exhausted its effects and its thrust and the many variants of the coronavirus are giving rise to a new wave, the extent of which remains to be assessed. But it’s not just that to affect.

The geopolitical, and consequently economic, situation is upset by the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The current conflict generates, among its main effects, the increase in the cost of raw materials, due to the sanctions against Russia but not only. Petrol, gas, energy, have seen the first serious increases, but these are also transmitted to basic necessities and many others.

Changing situation in markets around the world, where one of the main indicators, which can act as a “thermometer” of the economic and financial situation of the globe, is the value of gold. Among the precious metals, it has always been one of the rarest and the one classically used for commercial exchanges and to define the amount of wealth of states, thanks to certain particularities such as brilliance, resistance, ductility.

Gold, here’s how much it will be worth in a month: the current value and the forecasts of financial experts

The reserves of the states of the globe are quantified in gold, with the famous central bank coffers full of bullion. Moreover, it has almost always been considered one of the main “safe” goods, in times of greatest need.

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In times of crisis, States use their gold reserves to rebalance their accounts and their balance of payments. The demand for precious metals logically influences the performance of financial exchanges around the world.

The increase in demand naturally affects the valuation of the precious metal. Which, in a time like this, is likely to see a sensational surge, with ever-increasing value.

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In particular, the value of gold on the markets is now 54.05 euros per gram, constantly increasing. The rise does not stop and according to experts, there could be an increase of up to 25% next month.

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