most expensive in recent years. Data worries Italians

Summer 2022, declared the most expensive in recent years. The data worries the Italians. How to organize a vacation without spending a fortune?

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August is the month par excellence of summer holidays: millions and millions of Italians travel to national and international destinations. But there is one fact that worries tourists a lot, namely the rising prices.

In this regard, two polls were conducted by Codacons and Assoutenti which explained the reasons that made summer 2022 the most expensive in recent years. Let’s find out why and how to run for cover.

Summer 2022, Italians are worried about rising prices. The most expensive vacation in recent years

As we just mentioned, in August many Italians go on vacation. Let’s start by saying that the first increase was recorded in movements.

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Let’s start by talking about flights: many Italians choose to go abroad or use the plane itself for domestic destinations. It shows that the cost of flights has increased significantly: increased by around 33% compared to 2021. Traveling by car?

Deciding to take a trip by car is certainly no longer as simple and “cheap” as it once was, because with the increase in gasoline, it is becoming unthinkable to be able to travel such long distances. A journey from North to South involves a large sum of money.

Also with regard to overnight stays in hotels or bed and breakfasts, there has been a significant increase in hotel room costs. All of this has spilled over to bathing establishments that see spatial figures. Together with them all related services (such as boats).

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But that’s not all, because going on vacation also involves spending on food as well as all the attractions, if you choose an art city. Finally, it is estimated that 10 days of vacation cost 20% more than last year.

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