Moon favorable for a sign

The usual appointment with Paolo Fox’s horoscope for July 14 and 15 returns: Moon favorable to a sign. Details not to be missed.

Zodiac Signs (Image from Pixabay)

Reading the horoscope is for many Italians a very relaxing time of the day, where they take a few minutes to find out what the stars have in store for them. We have also often mentioned that in addition to the stars, even the planets are able to have a special influence on our mood.

Entering or exiting a planet from our zodiac sign can have some influence on mood swings throughout the day. Speaks the absolute expert and the plan followed by the astrologer of all times, Paolo Fox.

Horoscope Paolo Fox, Moon decidedly favorable to the sign of Gemini. Words from the expert

Let’s discover together what the stars have planned in a particular way for the sign of Gemini and for today, Thursday July 14, and tomorrow July 15.

Gemini Sign (Photo from Pixabay)

According to the words of the expert, the sign of Gemini is in full phase of recovery. Two days are expected to be really in top form, also thanks to the intervention of the Moon. Its entry, indeed, has positive implications not only for love, but also for work.

There are many opportunities to shine and show off, but in any case, you have to be careful in your professional life where you could encounter some difficulties. The same goes for the sign of Taurus, which has all the assets to get back into the game.

Good news also for people born under the sign of Aries who are looking for new friends. In the next few days, they will be able to carry out several projects. A great fortune is expected for Friday July 15th.

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A certain tension at work for Cancer who finds himself, as always, having to deal with weight and fatigue. The day will be a bit boring due to not too clear skies. Expert advice is not to do rash things.

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