Milk alert, constantly rising prices across the country. The details

Milk alert, the price continues to rise throughout the country. Nationwide concern. The details of the case.

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The past few years have been very complex for our country’s economy. From the pandemic to today’s conflict, the situation is slowly deteriorating. Many, many sectors have been compromised. Such is the difficulty for families and businesses.

Food expenditure is undoubtedly the most important product (in economic terms) for Italians. The food, indeed, reaches exorbitant prices. In this regard, we recall the increase in pasta and oil precisely due to inflation.

But that’s not all, because another alarming fact also comes from the milk market. The news was launched by the Italian association Assolatte which provided worrying data on production costs for the entire agricultural sector.

Milk prices steadily rising, the situation is slowly deteriorating. here are the details

As we have just mentioned, the price of milk is increasing throughout Italy, reaching very high levels. Let’s go into the details of the news.

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The alert was given by the Italian association Assolatte which, in view of the current situation, stressed that the values ​​of milk on the farm are reaching a very high threshold. No one would have imagined – these are the words of Paolo Zanetti.

If previously the prices were around 38/39 cents at most, in the space of a few weeks impressive figures have been reached. In fact, we’re talking about 55 to 60 cents for barn milk. Moreover, everything varies from region to region.

Take for example the South, where it is estimated that milk is much more expensive than the rest of the peninsula. This constituted an increase in everything related to this sector. Therefore, the food products that Italian families buy frequently.

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Currently Assolatte – in an attempt to contain the problem – proposes the abolition of VAT on products. We will have to wait for the next developments to better understand the situation.

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