Mid-August, why is it celebrated today? Origin and history of the birthday

The party par excellence that closes a cycle. Ferragosto is synonymous with joy, excursion and fun. The half-month with ancient origins.

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It is a very popular party and everyone gives it the meaning they want. It is a Catholic solemnity or a pagan anniversary. Free to give your translation on August 15, which also marks the end of the days of total relaxation. But why is it called that and is it celebrated in the middle of the month?

Everyone loves summer, the sea, the sun, the beach, relaxation is served. Vacations are one of the favorite pastimes of people who can’t wait to disconnect from daily tasks. August is the month to plan a vacation and get away from the chaotic city.

Ferragosto has a very old tradition. You have to go back in time to discover the origin of the name. An additional curiosity is also given by the precise date which falls on August 15th. Right in the middle of the month, there are parties and the inevitable tables with relatives and friends.

Ferragosto, the party that welcomes the beautiful summer season in advance

The etymology of the name dates back to the time of the Roman emperors. He used to abstain from work in August. It was a eulogy for Augusto who began idleness on August 1. The term analyzed by Ferragosto means “feriae Augusti”, therefore the remains of Augustus.

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The reference is to Octavian Augustus, thanks to him the eighth month of the year in which the name originated was born. Thanks to his generosity, people enjoyed a rest where there was no work in the fields. The harvests had been made and the emperor rewarded them thus.

Octavian thus thanked his followers who had spent entire periods under the sun for food production. The conclusion was in the middle of the month. In ancient times, horse races and tournaments were still used for pure fun and complete relaxation.

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Where the pagan is in force, Catholicism comes to offer the alternative. The Vatican Church has decided to leave its mark on August 15 by transferring a very dear solemnity to the faithful. Towards the 7th century, the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is essential.

Ferragosto also has a downside. It announces the approach of the cold season. It also exists.

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