Michael Schumacher, his 98 car sold at auction: the figure is absurd

Michael Schumacher, his 1998 Ferrari car sold at auction: the absurd figure is really absurd. All the details not to be missed.

Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari (Photo from Instagram)

Michael Schumacher needs no introduction, as he is one of the most famous Formula 1 drivers in the world. Let’s try to briefly retrace his career. He claims the victory of 7 world titles – including 5 with Ferrari.

That’s not all: he won an endless series of titles and awards for his fastest laps and for the large number of starts from pole position. One of his greatest merits is to have always had the courage, the strength and the determination to improve.

Many of the merits that have been recognized over the course of his career, such as always keeping a clean ride – adapting it to whatever eventuality the race course puts in front of him. Many have wondered: how much does a Formula 1 car cost? What is its commercial value?

Michael Schumacher, his most famous Ferrari sold at auction. How long? Over $6 million

His 1998 single-seater was sold for more than 6 million dollars. What features appealed to the buyer? With this car, in fact, the pilot won the Grands Prix of Canada, France, Great Britain and Italy.

Let’s reveal some of the virtuosity of this highly prized car. This is chassis number 187 which is the seventh of the 98 season. As mentioned above, Michael Schumacher has won an impressive number of races with his car.

We remember, in fact, Montreal, Magny-Cours and Silverstone and finally the Grand Prix of Monza where he obtained the first place. Returning to the chassis of this car, it turned out that it remained on board until 1999. It was the team that decided to sell it.

About 23 years have passed since that day and chassis 187 has never been modified or undergone any restoration work. It is preserved exactly as it was then. The new owner bought it for over $6 million – although it’s not the most expensive car.

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In short, we are talking about an object of great value not only economically but also historically – given that the great driver with this single-seater changed the pages of Formula 1.

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