Meteo Ferragosto, Italy divided in two. The storms are coming

If you are thinking about what to do for the next summer vacation, you have to take a look at the latest predictions.

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In this sweltering summer, we all complained a bit about the sweltering heat that plagues almost all parts of Italy. On the other hand, it was the so-called African anticyclone that made things more difficult than expected.

But anyway, at the moment, in various parts of the Italian peninsula, in recent days the temperatures have dropped and, despite only a few sporadic showers, we can bear the heat absolutely better, which has become really less oppressive than there just a few weeks old. .

However, let’s remember, in the last few hours some areas of Sardinia and Sicily have lived rather badly, given that a violent storm raged that interrupted the moments of relaxation of tourists and caused flooded and muddy roads.

A situation that has therefore raised concerns about the intensity of the phenomenon itself, and has even caused misunderstandings in direct flights to certain places.

At this point, however, on the threshold of August, many Italians are wondering if now will be the right time for a nice walk outside the city or for the continuation of the holidays.

In this regard, let’s try to understand what could happen in the next few hours. In particular, according to the weather forecast of experts, it seems that Italy on August 15 will be meteorologically divided in half.

To be precise, strong thunderstorms should first break out over the Alps, then spread to the plains of Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna.

The other predictions

In the evening, truth be told, the predictions let us know that some setbacks could also arrive in Veneto, Liguria, most of Tuscany and Lazio.

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On the contrary, it completely changes the story with regard to the Mediterranean basin which, precisely, will be reached by masses of boiling air borrowed from the Sahara desert.

Thus, the southern area of ​​the Bel Paese could easily regain the high temperatures that we have seen in recent months. The peaks will rise rapidly, again reaching at least 34 degrees.

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In short, a very different condition between the North, the Center and the South is that which can be spent during the holidays in mid-August. For this reason, what is good and fair will be to regulate commitments according to what is currently planned.

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