Meteo, Downburst the “bad” version of the whirlwind: danger and damage to the environment

The weather, an excessive phenomenon is added to it. The downbust causes damage to property and the environment. Danger also for humans.

Weather (Photo from Pixabay)

For the series, we don’t miss anything, on the weather side, it turns out that in Italy the downburst phenomenon has also occurred. At first glance, you might think it’s a whirlwind that’s actually somewhere in between. There are many differences between the two weather phenomena and it is worth taking a look.

Downbursts fell mostly in the Tuscany region over the past few hours. The natural event caused a lot of concern, sowing panic among the citizens. They cause a lot of damage as they have a serious impact on the earth. First of all, the word is formed by down which means to go down, to go down.

Burst which means to burst so in reality it is a sphere of air that forms when there is stormy air around. This column is jumping all over the place. The origin depends a lot on the air that blows because of the storm, in fact we know that the cold currents that are above are precipitated.

Meteo, Downburst present in Italy. Imminent danger in the places where it occurs

Once on the ground, an extreme force arises. Once on the ground, these currents turn into gusts of wind that can exceed 100 km/h. It is a situation that generates a lot of fear and also unpredictable violence. It has been found that even airplanes have difficulty with this weather.

Weather (pixaby)

In manoeuvres, pilots have a lot to do both to land and to take off. The difference with the whirlpool lies precisely in the current. In the case of the vortex, there are downdrafts and updrafts that meet and form the vortex. Dangerous but less than the other phenomenon.

Another difference is that tornadoes have an extension of a few hundred meters. On the other hand, the downburst takes up more space. These weather complications occur mainly in summer. Air pollution has its own flaw.

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In Tuscany, the weather warning of downbursts even caused deaths. These natural phenomena are capable of uprooting the most resistant trees and also of uncovering the roofs of houses. In the presence of these atmospheric agents, it is best to stay at home sheltered and sheltered.

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