Mars, what is this path that crosses the red planet? Answers from experts

Mars, the investigations and its discovery continue unabated. What is this path that crosses the red planet? The answers from the experts were not long in coming.

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Technological advances have made it possible to explore truly unthinkable areas of space, but above all to land with rovers where it was never thought possible. We are talking, of course, about Mars – the red planet.

For several years, NASA has been organizing missions aimed at providing as much information as possible. First, it must be established whether the conditions of the planet allow human landing.

Obviously, we tried to establish whether water was present – an essential element for life. To date, several rovers have landed on the planet, such as the Curiosity which records all possible traces on its route.

Mars has identified a kind of path that crosses one of the regions of the red planet. What is it about

As we mentioned, from the rovers currently present on Mars come a large amount of information that is filtered by scientists around the world.

What is happening on the Red Planet right now? Very important information was received, along with a photographic image. It appeared, in fact, that on Mars there is a kind of path that crosses one of the areas examined.

The photographic material we received comes from one of the main research centers on our planet. In addition, we must also remember the invaluable work done by the spacecraft of ESA, that is, the European Space Agency, which is currently on the red planet.

Is it really a path? No, scientists immediately denied this saying that these anomalies – as they have been defined – are nothing more than a large amount of magma from the multitude of volcanoes on the planet that exert force on the crust .

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Consequently, these captured trajectories are not only very recurrent phenomena on the planet, characterized by the presence of numerous volcanic craters.

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