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Let’s see how it is possible to avoid getting stung by bees, hornets and wasps with these tricks. Clothing that does not attract these insects: what to wear. All the details.

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With the arrival of the summer months, the temperatures rise and therefore with the heat also appear insects that can be not only annoying, but even, in some cases, even harmful.

We are talking about bees, hornets and wasps that can sting us and therefore with theirs bites are capable of causing redness and del itch on our skin.

If their sting widens to ten centimeters, this means that the pinch caused us a mild allergic reaction.

If, on the other hand, following an insect bite, other more serious symptoms occur, such as itching all over the body, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, Rush Where He vomitedthe advice is to go immediately to EMERGENCIES.

Stings from bees, hornets and wasps: tips for avoiding the bites of these insects

To avoid being bitten by these insects, we provide you with some Things it might be helpful.

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We suggest you put gods light clothesnot too colorful, to avoid me perfumes and to be worn in all cases shoes when you walk on the grass.

When to travel inside a car don’t leave the windows open and, if you drive a moped or motorbike, be sure to cover yourself well.

Regarding thegarbagekeep it tightly closed garbage and adequately cover food if you find yourself eating out.

If despite all these tips, you have been the victim of a sting from bees, hornets or wasps, we suggest you use one of these natural remedies.

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It’s thethe vinegarof the lemonof the Honeyofolive oilof the onionofGarlicof the potatoesof the basilofaloeof the lemon balmof the Papayaof the ice or the calendula.

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