Trump Leads, Cruz Jumps to Second in Iowa

trump_cruzA new CBS poll shows that Donald Trump has regained his Iowa lead, as Ben Carson fades to third, with much of his support going to Ted Cruz:

Since last month, Ted Cruz has gained ground — and Ben Carson has lost ground — among some key voting groups in Iowa: evangelicals, Tea Party supporters, those who are very conservative and older voters. And while Trump still leads among some of these groups, it’s Cruz who is ahead among the very conservative, and Trump leads Cruz by just two points among evangelical voters.

Trump now leads 30 percent to Cruz’s 21 percent in Iowa, with Carson at 19 percent. Trump also leads in New Hampshire.

Both Trump and Cruz score well as a potential commander-in-chief, but Cruz leads in this category.

It looks like Frank was right: the concerns raised by the Paris attacks are benefiting the perceived strong guys in the race: Trump and Cruz.

Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project.