Moving Testimony of Donor-Conceived Child Raised by Two Lesbian Moms

Ryan Anderson was speaking in Australia when he pulled out a surprise guest speaker, 23-year-old Millie Fontana, who spoke for many other children raised without fathers, who are silenced or told they are homophobic for noticing what they have lost:

I am a donor-conceived child of lesbian parents. I stand here with the support of all three of my parents. This is a testimony that it is, safe to say, unheard of because nobody wants to hear about the other side of the rainbow. . .

Growing up, I wanted a father.

I felt it within me that I was missing a father before I could even articulate what a father was. I knew that I loved both of my parents, but I could not place my finger on what it is I was missing inside myself. . .I was lied to throughout school; I was told I didn’t have a father. . .it was very difficult for me to affirm a stable identity because of this. And my behavioral and emotional stability suffered greatly because of it.

I stand here before you raised atheist, with no religious affiliations.

I stand with Christians because so far in this debate, Christians are the only people trying to reflect the issues that follow with children.  Christians so far are the only people trying to shine light on stories like mine.

Nobody in the LGBT lobby wants to hear from someone like me. Because so far ‘love is love’ right?  We don’t exist.

Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at American Principles in Action.