Louvre in Paris, what hides behind its famous pyramids: it is the mystery

The Louvre in Paris is not only the most famous museum in the world, but also a place full of secrets. What is hidden behind its famous pyramids: it is the mystery.

The Louvre Museum (Photo from Pixabay)

The Louvre Museum in Paris is one of the most important museum complexes in the world for the collection of exhibited works. The reason for so much fame is also due to the still unresolved mystery of its structure and in particular to the pyramids that one encounters before entering the rooms.

Originally it was a fortress that was built for King Philip II, but it was not until the end of the Ancien Régime that it was decided to revolutionize the site and turn it into a museum. The inauguration took place in 1793 and today it is the most visited museum institute in the world.

Louvre in Paris, the mystery behind the famous pyramids. A special mystery

As we have just mentioned, the very famous museum is also a place of secrets and mysteries which turn in particular to the curious pyramids at the entrance of the imposing structure.

Have you ever wondered why this choice was made? Above all, what do they want to represent? But let’s go step by step and discover together what is hidden. Many thought it was a simple aesthetic assessment, but in reality, it hides something much more convincing.

The famous pyramids of the Louvre were first placed in 1989 and since that day it has been a real mystery. A particular enigma still unsolved. The two pyramid structures are the first work of the museum and it is striking that the respective points touch, but do not touch.

As we well remember, the museum was also the protagonist of a famous film that tries to unravel the mysteries related to Freemasonry. It is precisely for this reason that one continues to suspect that behind this choice hides in fact a very specific reason. Nothing is left to chance.

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Among the most accredited hypotheses is the fact that there would be links with the esoteric world and therefore a kind of union that would link the pyramid of Cheops to Heaven. A still unsolved mystery that throws even more charm and mystery into the city and into the museum.

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