Lottery, truck driver wins after tragic accident

In the lotto, a truck driver manages to win the coveted victory after being the victim of a tragic accident. The details of the case.

Scratch and Win (Photo from Facebook)

Try your luck with Scratch and Win or even try your luck with the Loto game and aim for victory is the dream of many Italians. Probably one of the first on the list. How many, at least once, have wished and fantasized with the huge jackpot.

But the Goddess Fortuna is not always on our side, although sometimes she knows very well where to put her hand and helps in difficult situations. What we are about to tell is a story that has something incredible and a happy ending for everyone’s enjoyment.

Australian trucker Bill Morgan wins the lottery after being the victim of a terrible accident. A turning point in his life

We must take a big step back in time and arrive in 1998. The protagonist of this incredible story is the truck driver Bill Morgan involved in a tragic road accident.

Lotto (Photo from Pixabay)

Initially surviving the thing, the man was immediately taken of a heart attack and transported to the hospital. But that’s not all, the story continues. The unfortunate Bill received a very powerful drug which proved harmful to his health, so much so that he had a violent allergic reaction.

After about 15 days in a coma from cardiac arrest, Bill wakes up and is able to recover over time. The trucker manages, in fact, to recover and leave the hospital with his legs. He therefore decides to change jobs and marry his partner.

But Morgan wants to redeem himself completely and decides to take a chance and buy a lottery ticket. He is over the moon because he manages to win a fairy tale prize, i.e. a brand new shiny car worth around $20,000.

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His story entered the hearts of all, so much so that a journalistic editorial staff decided to tell it. Yet another twist for former trucker Bill: during filming, he tries his luck again and wins the lottery over $250,000.

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